Employee resource page

This page is where all of our employee documenting resources live and contains links to each document. Each employee is to familiarize themselves with this page and its contents, to ensure you’ll be ready to use the forms, at the times you are required to do so.

To help you understand the documents, please go through the list below to find which ones are relevant to you, and learn when you need to use them.

  • Receipt portal – All employees must use this link if they have a receipt from an authorised purchase to lodge. All receipts from all purchases must be lodged via this portal immediately after purchase. If you need reimbursement, make sure to tick the box.

  • Wall profile evidence portal – Used by each block layer to show both: A) Tensar installment for each wall containing tensar, with a photo of the tensar on the wall for each lot. B) Wall completion of all walls, with a photo of the back of wall. Please make sure all walls are scraped and parged before photo is taken.

  • Damage/fault report – All employees must use this link to report a fault or damaged property, as soon as it has been made safe. Failure to make a damage report within a reasonable timeframe could result in disciplinary action.

  • Incident report form – This form must be filled out by the senior staff member present, when an incident takes place. It can also be filled out by any staff member who’d like to report a near miss or dangerous behavior.

  • Request form – All employees can use this form to make a request, tools, cement, something else?

  • Complaint concern form – This form can be used by any staff member who’d like to make a complaint or address a concern they have. Perth Limestone Specialists encourages a “speak up” culture. We value feedback, especially where safety is concerned, but also where maintaining a positive work environment is concerned. We will respect your privacy when it comes to addressing concerns and we will ensure that only relevant information is disclosed, only to parties involved.

  • Daily work report – Only to be used by nominated staff member at the end of each day.